Manual transcription

Bringing stenography to everyone.


You could get some a.i to do this for you but you'd be in the loss:

  • give in & upload to platforms machine to do it
  • limits of 5 minutes TO 10 minutes PER month

Brave a.i

Summarizer The cost to transcribe audio for 5 minutes can vary greatly depending on the
service and accuracy of the transcript.0 Generally, rates range from $0.10 to $1.50 per audio
minute, with Rev transcriptions starting at $1.50 per minute and machine-generated transcripts with
90%+ accuracy costing as little as $0.25 per minute.1 

insyaAllah.. Brave AI → Brave Software a.i


am by the handle of @tfelypoc joined 1441H (Y2020)


my preferred method to translate are not by the UI, even tho how shiny it does look with irresistable features, i'd recommend Downloading and uploading translations

git clone
cd adidoks
zola serve

Visit in the browser.