15.1. Keyboard Shortcuts

Table 2Player Shortcuts
Shortcuts Actions
Ctrl+P Play / Pause
Ctrl+Left Jump to the Previous Track / Back to the beginning of the track
Ctrl+Right Jump to the Next Track
Ctrl+Up Increase playback volume
Ctrl+Down Decrease playback volume
Ctrl+R Enable / Disable Repeat play
Ctrl+U Enable / Disable Shuffle play
Table 3General Shortcuts
Shortcuts Actions
Ctrl+A Select All
Shift+Ctrl+A Deselect All
Ctrl+J Jump to playing song
Alt+S Jump to search field
Alt+Return Display the Track Properties
Table 4Window Shortcuts
Shortcuts Actions
Ctrl+Q Quit the Rhythmbox Music Player
Ctrl+B Show / Hide the browser
F9 Show / Hide the side pane
Ctrl+K Show / Hide the Queue Sidebar
F11 Toggle / Untoggle the Full Screen mode