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We have some free dictionaries for BlueGriffon 3.1's spellchecker.

FireFtp is a free add-on for BlueGriffon 3.x.

Warning: FireFtp was updated for 3.0; please download and install again if you already had FireFtp installed.

Installation Instructions:

  1. save the *.xpi file onto your hard disk. If you're using Firefox, it's normal if Firefox can't install it, these add-ons are for BlueGriffon, not for Firefox...
  2. launch BlueGriffon 3.x
  3. open the Add-ons Manager through the Tools > Add-ons menu entry
  4. select the Extensions tab
  5. click on the button at the left (or right if you use an hebraic or arabic version of BlueGriffon) of the Search field at the top the window
  6. select the Install Add-on from File... entry
  7. select the *.xpi file you just downloaded and saved from our web site
  8. a dialog appears, click on the Install button at the end of the three seconds delay
  9. the newly installed add-on now appears in the list of installed add-on...
  10. you must click on the Restart Now link in the window, or quit and relaunch BlueGriffon to activate your new add-on