and ﷽Graham_Bradywelcome to this video series how to produce your first website with BlueGriffon® presented by easierinternetmarketing.com okay now last time we looked at how we want to plan out a website we're going to build with BlueGriffon® we've got two objectives in this video firstly to start putting text onto our first web page and then we'll be looking very briefly at how would you save our work here's a template we developed in the last video so let's get started by going straight to BlueGriffon® software so here's a BlueGriffon® home page let's erm just click on create a page in new tap here okay so there we got new page in a new tab notice this is tap it untitled okay what going to do is give this page a name so click on format page properties and we'll call this one page one so type in page one okay right and now notice we've got the page here and also at top of the page here right now here's we're going to be typing some text let's just go over here let's just type in some text let's say welcome to my first web page created in BlueGriffon® okay and another one below I think let's put down here I hope you enjoy the page alright so they've got two lines there of text or you can do can change the size the text so let's look now at making the text bigger first in do is to highlight the whole thing highlight it now down here you'll see the percent increases let's make it bigger let's make it 200% to happens okay so there we've got our two lines now a bit bigger there now we can also change the format of these we go up here we can change it to increase emphasis now moterz increase increasing emphasis is the same as the italic button and if we do a strong emphasis its italic and the bold so let's just click off again the second okay and then we can then do bold alone or we can turn off and do tack alone we can do underlining check the line there we go and what else can we do with it well it uses bullet points cut those off or numbered order okay we can change the alignment whether it's lying left or the middle of page perhaps or put it right we can justify it or we can tab it so that's that type away for them okay so those the basic features are putting text in there now let's see we can add a bit of color to this as well it's just with a space there that's clear and line from that as well let's put a bit of color on these so to get color what going to do we'll highlight a whole lot going up to the Cascade style sheets click on that just bring in here there we go now for this one that we're looking at colors just got a second all these here is worth just click on these and see what they do but to the moment looking at colors click on color look at the the foreground the foreground over the text now I like them read listing on a red there okay and okay so but here it's a unique um ID use again let's just click a one and if we just click over here we see now we got red lettering now it'd also be nice would be to put some color on the background so again let's come here let's have a whole lot the background I think I'm nice yellow would do this relevant as well so yellow in okay there we go and they've got some color in the background that's closed down a bit so we've got so far is we have put in our first part of text we have seen how to change the text format the other thing we could do as well is to highlight this here if we go this link here we can actually change the font so let's go down to Comic Sans there's a good one coming sounds again we can change the font all very easy now an excellent thing about is how we're going to change what we've created now we're going to go up here file save as now is really really important that you save all of your website into the same folder now I've got a folder called my first page already got something in there going to call this page one so to save this page one and that will go into the same folder okay so we've now saved it so what we've achieved we've got some text in and we've now saved it into a folder in the next video we'll be looking at how you can put tables into this and start to type late the whole format thanks for watching this video produced by easierinternetmarketing.com I'll be back again very soon bye bye for now