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Commissions (WIP)


About Me

Name(s): Nebula, Rai, Remix, Skrill, Neon
Nationality: Japanese American
Pronouns: zhe/zher or xe/xem

Favorite Stuff

Things: The old web, tech, programming, space...
Artists: My friends, Ryanide, Tyson Tan, Osamu Tezuka...
Music Genres: 90s rave (happy hardcore, jungle, makina etc), ska, chiptune...
Music Artists: Ryu☆, k1osk...

About the site

I wanted to make a site that was kinda like a site within a site. Which is why there are so many branching paths to subsites. The concept of having different extensions of yourself being represnted by different aesthetics and themes fascinate me. I also do this with my music, I have different aliases based on my characters.

I created this site in mid July kinda lost on what to do. I realized I just want this to be a look into my brain and the things that I love doing. Hopefully my site can inspire others to do the same. The internet is becoming more cooperate and less about the user. However, Neocities gives you full creative leisure to do whatever the heck you want.

Q and A