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27/03/2022 Gryph thinks Gryph's gonna do major work to the website bc rly others likely think Gryph's stuff's crazy . so Gryph thought if Gryph can write content which's more fun for every1 too . others don't rly like if Gryph write things like the Gryphons nuzzle everything this's not their thing so thinks if Gryph can write something cool instead

Gryph has story drafts for example still Gryph can write better bc the layout can be better imho . so Gryph's gonna think for a while how to do with the website

nice too Gryph has some followers tbh never thought anyone would rly like Gryph lol

all data's restored btw Gryph wrote all of these again ^v^

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^v^ the Gryphons are really poofy ^v^

the very nice Gryphon feather

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