Copy a screenshot of a window to clipboard Ctrl+Alt+Print
Copy a screenshot of an area to clipboard Shift+Ctrl+Print
Copy a screenshot to clipboard Ctrl+Print
Record a short screencast Shift+Ctrl+Alt+R
Save a screenshot of a window to Pictures Alt+Print
Save a screenshot of an area to Pictures Shift+Print
Save a screenshot to Pictures Print

Activate the window menu Alt+Space
Close window Alt+F4
Hide window Super+H
Lower window below other windows Disabled
Maximize window Super+
Maximize window horizontally Disabled
Maximize window vertically Disabled
Move window Alt+F7
Raise window above other windows Disabled
Raise window if covered, otherwise lower it Disabled
Resize window Alt+F8
Restore window Super+
Toggle fullscreen mode Disabled
Toggle maximization state Alt+F10
Toggle window on all workspaces or one Disabled
View split on left Super+
View split on right Super+