Posted 2024-03-13 00:00:00 ‐ 4 min read

Lord Almighty I take this time right now to give you thanks and to praise your name for another beautiful day all the bounties and all the blessings you've bestowed upon us Lord God it should be my only purpose in life my only Duty in life to praise you and to worship you and to exalt your name all praise and glory goes to God the holy the almighty the exalted the perfect the same yesterday today and forever the Everlasting the overpowering the over
towering the Creator the Destroyer The Giver the taker The Perfect the Flawless
the incontestable incontestable the inex able the undebatable the truth the exalted all praise and glory goes to the Almighty
every single good thing that can possibly be said my Lord and my God every single good praise every single good and positive and Noble word that can Ascend to you is does ascend to you all things in the :compass: Heavens and the Earth serve you and praise you whether they realize it or not everything is in total
submission and subservience to your Will
God Almighty and your towering Brilliance shining awesomeness God I pale in comparison I cannot compete with you I cannot go against you so God I lower my head to you in submission count will God as your servant I am your servant holy almighty God I cannot compete with you so I lower my head in servitude and I say you are my Lord I bow to you I serve no man I serve no entity I serve no created thing but first and foremost God I serve you and all of the other things I do after that come as an extension of my servitude to you but I look to you first and foremost God Almighty like I said Lord you are towering you are overpowering you are there is none like you God there is none to compare with you you stand above all my Lord and my God everything pales in comparison to you and everything comes to you as a servant the almighty holy holy holy exalted draped in glory honor respected feared in the heavens and the Earth all praise goes to God God the greatest I Look to You The Pinnacle the source of all that I am the source of all that I will be the one who the only one who gives blessings the only one who proliferates provision as he sees fit I Look to You God the source and point of all things I look to you my lord and I ask that you unfold your heavenly blessing upon me my Lord that everything good that can possibly happen health happiness purification of character uh the destruction of sin the repudiating of the shaan the standing up for truth strength all the good qualities that you can give to a servant abundance I ask that you give that to me my Lord and my God I ask that you unfold Your heavenly blessing upon me and you favor me my Lord and my God you favor the Believers you guide us and you
protect us in this satanic time a time
of confusion and darkness and competing
voices the Shayan my Lord people serve
him people have followed after his way had been deceived by him God and I ask that you protect me and you protect the the true believers who righteously fight for your name and who stand up for you no matter what God who don't ascribe a
partnership with you but look to you
alone I ask that you protect us and
guide us and you sanctify us each and every single day my Lord and my God the blessings that you've given to us up till now if man were to try to count them he'd never be able to it is truly beyond what anybody can fathom all the in that you've given to us but nevertheless we try our best we try our best to count and we give our thanks for all those things All praise and glory
goes to God in Heavens & Earth and in
all the Worlds and in all places in
between, the praise ascends to the
Almighty and I remember you at this
time all praise and glory goes to the
Almighty Amen!