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Burgage plots ##

Burgage plots provide living spaces and are one of the primary buildings in Manor Lords. Burgage plots use the flexible plots system and require two timber per building.
A burgage plot, when made sufficient, can then be equipped with an single extension. A variety of extensions exist that produce either food or resources. Certain extensions, such as the apple orchard and armorer's workshop, require the player to invest a development point (DP) before they can be built.

Burgage plots are a crucial part of gaining development points DP-s.


You should be making fields of smaller size so you can let them fallow but still be constantly harvesting every year. It also reduces the... mental difficulties of the oxen. I like to make 0.3-0.5 morgen fields in sets of 3. And then I set them to "wheat, wheat, fallow", "wheat, fallow, wheat" and "fallow, wheat, wheat". This way there's always soil fertility recovering but no year of downtime.

Make houses as your first buildings ( ℹ️ ). It might be tempting not to, but the "homeless" morale debuff will stay around for years if you don't ( ℹ️ ). Which means you will not get new families in probably around a year. Which will f you.

Generally starting out the important thing to identify is that you will need two sources of food and either leather, wool or linen1 . Look at the resources in your territory and plan accordingly which ones you go for. Your goal is to be able to mass upgrade tier 2 as soon as possible.

Save the game before you build any workshops. You don't want workers stuck doing nothing because you can't make the materials required for the goods. For example I made a tailor expecting to be able to utilize leather there. Nope.

Edit: Also, you should be making stables because 2 planks is cheaper and less labor intensive than 1 log and it's more space efficient than two posts.

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(can be used for the "clothing stall supply", you don't need actual clothes)

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_Tip 16.3_
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Wintergaming(ipfs:// {#Wintergaming}

Shared April 28, 2024
Manor Lords Beginner Guide - Some basic tips I've learned after 50 hours of binging the game so far.

: Roads : Housing Plots : House Upgrades : Market Basics : Backyards & Crafting : Storehouse & Market : Trade Post & Money : Information Overlay : Work Area Setting : Hitching Posts & Ox : Best Starting Map/Resources : Influence, Claims & The Baron : Army, Militia & Mercenary : Starting Food & Farming : HUGE IMPORTANT STARTING TIP : Death & Taxes : Population Growth & Approval : Development Points : Sawpits, Posts & Idle Workers : Jesus & The Church : Camera Hotkey Tips : Mining Pits : Making Ale & Bread : Farming Tips & Info : Game Breaking Tip

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Worker's Outpost, Worker's Outpost, Worker's Outpost,


Just thought I would mention, a HUGE reason to get the homeless camp upgraded right at the start is it allows the families to get their 3rd member (pretty much instantly).
After finding this out I can't think of a single reason to not do it. This speeds everything up significantly.


So I've seen 1 video where they turned the beginning camp into the Worker's Outpost. Yes. The approval rating stayed high until September -ish however, building the dual plots got you to 53% and 1 new family as August started. You had everyone in a house with room for another BEFORE MAY! lol

I get that you can play however you want but I was getting the jist of the stream commentary and I just was like 😒 So I paid close attention to the stats as you went along.
I build those plots as my starters as well and have zero issues with gaining population or the approval being a big deal to overcome.

Again. It's a game. Play how YOU like. I'm here to just get ideas and occasionally learn something so I'll assume those on stream/now on YT, are doing the same. Why badger the player? 🤔

If anything, I learned that using those in settling a new region can be a great way to start there vs having to build houses right away. *wish I had known this when like a dumba$$, I settled in December! Vs waiting. Built the houses anyway and no 1 died. lol Eventually was a thriving town by 8 months.

Oh. My only concern is how there is becoming a similarity to Farthest Frontier. I get it in some regards but please please PLEASE don't let it go that route. I'm happy markets and all don't have a "specified AOE" like Farthest Frontier so, I hope it stays that way.

Cheers 🖖🏻

Use ##

Burgage plots are the only permanent source of housing in the game, with the standard house having one living space (at first). With a plot marking satisfied, able to upgrade to accommodate two fathers and mothers (families).
Each living space can hold one family, comprised of multiple people. They require two timber to place and are flexible.

flexible plots allows multiple housing plots to be placed at once and for different plot shapes to be created.

Each home requires resources which can be bought from a marketplace by a resident of the home, fulfilling resouce requirements ℹ️ for each home.

Level two2 Homes can hold armaments for the militiamen in the household, with two of each weapon and piece of armor being allowed to be stocked in the house at once.

Burgage plots are an integral part of the development points system (DPS), with them being required for point obtainment. Each settlement tier requires a certain amount of level one, two, and three burgage plots to advance.


Extensions ##

If a burgage plot has been made sufficient for an extension,has enough space backwards, it can thus support a backyard extension, which will add extra functionality to the building.
Backyard extensions that require burgage plot(2) ℹ️ will convert all inhabitants to artisans, locking them from being assigned other jobs.
If they have multiple production options only one can be chosen.

Level one backyard extensions can be replaced, but level two and three ones cannot. | | | | |:-:|:-:|:-:| | | | | | | | |

Backyard extensionRequired levelCostProducesRequired DB3
'''Vegetable garden'''4115 Regional wealthVegetables ( ℹ️ )4
'''Chicken coop'''125 Regional wealthEggs
'''Goat shed'''125 Regional wealthHides
'''Apple orchard'''5150 Regional wealthApples ( ℹ️ )Orchardry
Backyard extensionRequired levelCostProducesRequired DB3
'''Bowyer's workshop'''24 temp.pngPlanksWarbows from planks
'''Joiner's workshop'''24 PlanksWooden parts from planks
Small shields from planks
Large shields from planks
'''Brewery extension'''25 Planks
5 Regional wealth
Ale from malt
'''Cobbler's workshop'''25 Planks
5 Regional wealth
Shoes from leather
'''Tailor's workshop'''25 Planks
5 Regional wealth
Clothes from linen and dyes
Cloaks from yarn and dyes
Gambesons from linen
'''Blacksmith's workshop'''25 Planks
5 Regional wealth
Tools from iron Slabs
Sidearms from iron slabs
Spears from iron slabs and planks
Polearms from iron slabs and planks
'''Bakery extension'''25 Planks
5 Regional wealth
Bread from flour (twice as efficient as the communal oven)Bakeries
'''Armorer's workshop'''24 Planks
10 Regional wealth
Helmets from iron slabs
Mail armor from iron slabs (requires Advanced armormaking)
Player armor from iron slabs (requires Master armor-making)
Basic armoring


development branch



If you're going to do veggies always make sure your burgage plot can get the additional house extension. That way you'll have two families working it. Same with apples


@oliverholmes210 {#oliverholmes}

A great note to the veggie plots is the bigger the size the more people you need living there. I had one massive field plot that got less then a quarter of the output I was hoping for because it was level one house




![u+fdfd,](B_plot upgrade requirements/demands "u+fdfd, requirements/demands")

Level 1

All plots placed down initially start off as level one burgage plots. These plots can be upgraded to have certain backyard extensions for Regional Wealth. Level one burgage plots can hold 15 items in its generic storage and 25 items in its pantry, but cannot store any armaments. Base burgage plots have one living space, but like all plots that meet the required size, can be upgraded to add an additional living space.

Level 2

Upon upgrading to the second level, the home will undergo a construction phase. Following the completion of construction, the building will become noticeably taller and better kept. Level two plots can now hold 45 things in its generic storage and 75 foodstuffs in its pantry. Upgrading to the second level also unlocks the rest of the backyard extension options. Level two plots also begin generating one Regional Wealth per month.

Level 3

Level three homes are even larger and taller than level two homes, with it being able now to hold 150 items in the generic storage and pantry. These homes are now able to generate two Regional Wealth monthly and can support an extra living space.

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patch points ##

April 26, 2024Added burgage plots.
April 26, 2024Added burgage plots.
May 31, 2024
After a fire, homeless will be quickly reassigned to available plots.
****Added a market stall toggle.
****Other bug fixes.


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