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quite interesting start

after couple of runs.. and learning from other YouTubers/Streamers
i think the best solution is to place every job near it's own building..
granary and storage near the market... and always and i mean ALWAYS
to have at least one person into Granary and one into Storage.. they will serve as market stalls and keep those houses full all the time.. and don't build farms
unless you have 3 plus signs on the ground.. is not worth it unless you have extra hands


I’ve read some comments and I don’t think selling weapons is a good idea on higher difficulties but it may be normal or lower difficulties. I played the hardest mode I can and upped every difficulty and the only easy thing I gave myself in that play through was sprint instead of winter. Selling the weapons in normal mode is fine because you can be without a raid for 2+ years and you can afford to sell them. Also do not have taxes at 50% on higher difficulties because all your villagers will leave, the mode he plays on is normal and the tax effect is horrendous on harder difficulties ( ℹ️ ), so listen to him if your play through is lower in difficulty or normal, but if you set a higher difficulty keep the weapons and be weary of taxes. Overall good advice on the game.

Edit: my original comment was a bit harsh so I changed it.


I've been playing this for about 10 hours and my strategy is remarkably similar to yours, but the holding TAB function is huge for me, i kept wishing there was such a feature. great video, this has been the best overview of the early game that i've seen so far!


small side note for the foragers hut. you can press the pause button so that frees that family up to go help and then unpause the hut when you want them to go back to collecting


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Allahu akhbar Kabiiraa

Walhamdu lillaahi katsiraa

Wa subhannallahi bukratan wa ashilaa

La ilaaha ilallaahuu Wahdahuu ;laa syariika lah

Lahul mulku wa lahul hamdu Yuhyii wa yumiitu Wa huwa 'alaa kulli syai'in qadir

Allah Maha Besar sebesar - besarnya DDan puji-pujian bagi Allah sebanyak-banyak-nya Dna Maha Suci Allah siang dan malam TTiada Tuhan melainkan Allah saja sendiri tiiada sekutu bag-Nya yang memiliki kerajaan dan pujian Yang menghidupkan dan mematikan dan Dia Berkuasa atas segala sesuatuu Du'a →

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Great Video, some Additions:

  • I would place the market earlier - cost you nothing and helps with approval.

  • Set someone to work in the Granary and 📦Storehouse, at least briefly, to prevent your starting resources from getting damaged in the rain. You can remove them again, after they hauled everything in.

  • Also you have enough Lumber to start on the houses from the beginning so you should make 50% Approval when you hit April.

  • No need to invest in food and firewood so early, you have 4 months of supply and your hunters will drain the local wildlife faster than it can replenish anyways.

  • Those massive Plots, kind of a waste, at least if you are planning to do some farming later. Reason is, those families will take quite some time in the vegetable garden in spring - same time when you need their workforce elsewhere - in that case it is better to go for some chicken coops. Remember: For everything except Vegetable and Orchards, size of the Plot does not matter, as long as it can fit an artisan extension.

  • Do more scouting at the beginning: Where are the aquifers, how fertile is the land so you can plan if you want to do Farming or rely on other means of food production.

  • If you forgot your woodcutters camp: You can cancel another building / demolish it if already build and you will get your logs back.

  • Way to early for the church. Better to get someone to collect some berries, food variety is enough to get over 50% for levle one plots. Only for levle two is the church required.

Each stall can hold 50📦 generic storage or 50🧺 pantry storage for distribution. They will all distribute their resources to nearby burgage plots and additionally in the case of fuel, any extra buildings that also require fuel. Sometimes family members will visit the marketplace and do a "peddling" action at the stall. There can also be various voices heard advertising goods or discussing the sales of items, but this appears to be mainly for flavor and atmospheric reasons rather than having a gameplay purpose.


That's how I start my village: • Instantly place a Granary and 📦Storehouse to prevent supplies from getting bad • Hunting camp and Forage Hut to start food production and get leather • Logging camp, put 2-3 families until 10-12 Timber • 5 Burage Plots and Well to stop homelessness and grant water access (Burage Plots smallest possible extension slot) • Woodcutter's Lodge and Sawpit for Fire Wood and Planks • First 2 Planks to upgrade Hitching Post into a small Stable. Order another Ox for 20g • 3 Marketplaces infront of the Granary and Storehouse (The families working in there should own the market stall) • Build a Trading Post, Tannery and another 5 Burage Plots with your next 18 Timber. (You can build the Burage Plots adjecent to the others without any road connected) • Sell Planks and Leather at the Trading Post, Skill into Trade Logistics and Establish trade Routes for both asap • Use the wealth to build Goat Sheds (around 20) for even more Leather • Build a Church and start Upgrading 2 Burage Plots to Level 2 (Always upgrade the ones closest to the market) • In those Extensions build a Fletcher's Workshop, establish Trade Routes and start selling warbows • Brewery Extension for the other Level 2 • Build a Tavern and Malthouse, start establish Trade Route importing malt • Build Burage Plots with Vegetable Garden (7 slot long) and Chicken Coops in Short Extensions

From there I can decide my future develepment skills (if my area has farming potential or Rich deposits) and set policies acordingly

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Allah Maha Besar sebesar - besarnya DDan puji-pujian bagi Allah sebanyak-banyak-nya Dna Maha Suci Allah siang dan malam TTiada Tuhan melainkan Allah saja sendiri tiiada sekutu bag-Nya yang memiliki kerajaan dan pujian Yang menghidupkan dan mematikan dan Dia Berkuasa atas segala sesuatuu Quick Start →


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