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have tried

@jasonwright8546(ipfs:// {#jasonwright8546}

I have tested leaving a field fallow, and also using the perk with the sheep, with 40+ sheep. I did each for 3 years. There was no change. In the release version, a field cannot exceed its starting value, no matter what you do. If, for example, the ground starts at 5% fertility for Flax,, that is the highest it will ever be.❓


@ggwagmi1236 ###

i hate the plow so much ...

i hate the plow so much .....
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mid or


small fields are good in early game. But try to manage 30 small fields in mid or late game xD




Zounds! Finally I've found out how pastures/sheep are used to increase fertility. Many thanks!



You can plow and sowing in autumn so the crop reaches the 100% growth definitely by the end of Juli/August. Don’t start plowing and sowing in spring. Way too late for the 100%


FYI strat gaming did a bunch of testing...[^3]




As of now, if you plant your crops in..🤔

mistakes ##


crap, I thought the red areas were the fertile ground....

  1. crap, I THOUGHT the red areas were the fertile ground....🥴🥴


Use ##

The granary is a logistical building used for the collection, storage, and distribution of food within a settlement. Once built, a maximum of four families can be assigned to manage the collection and distribution of available resources. This can be raised to six families when upgraded.

A family will move any excess produce unable to be stored in their own personal pantry to the granary for storage.

However, any resource left outside will suffer damage as a result of being exposed to the elements (rain, winter) and will degrade over time, eventually leading to the loss of the item itself.



can be up graded to 'fence up', which requires two points of dp's
what is a ((DP)) ...

Large Granary ###

  • Pantry capacity increases to 2500
  • Family limit increases from 4 to 6

storehouse ## The storehouse is a logistics building used to store resources within the 📦generic storage type. building storage to 250 items.

Use ##

Upon placement, the storehouse will require 2 timber to be constructed. Once fully built, 2 families2 3 families can be assigned to work in it.

Families working here will collect any valid resources from the localised generic storages of other buildings (please note that timber is not counted as a generic storage resource, and counts towards log storage at the logcutter camp instead). Collection by storehouse workers is done automatically at all times, even if those other buildings' local generic storages are not full. However, collection is relatively slow and generally does not result in the emptying of local generic storage.

The storehouse has a cart that a family member can use to move 10 resources at a time on roads, which is a key advantage. This often makes a family working a storehouse more efficient than family members working at the other building which have to drop off resources by hand.

Also, note that


Upgrades ##

Large storehouse: Upgrades storage to 2500 items. Increases workplace family spots to 4. Storage will continue to function while construction takes place.



If you rotate crops, will fertility decrease for just that crop, disproportionately that crop, or for all crops equally?

I'm trying to know if it'd be efficient to perhaps get two different crop years for every 1 fallow year


Am I doing something wrong? I build my farms as early as possible with a farm house and one worker (seems like that does nothing since he just waits around and just crops make him work), but still. It started with wheat fertility of 44%. So I let them fallow for 2 years but it did not change a thing. But the moment i grow wheat it lowers the fertility drasticly. One morgen field brought me down to 26%. But it does not regenerate. So initial question. Am I doing something wrong or is it some kind of bug?🐞🐞


Say I have one field, and it's set to fallow. Do I need families attached to the farm? or is that just an automatic ❓

how big? Is too big❓


What field size do you recommend once you have the oxen upgrade?? ❓ I seem to build them too big i fear

patch points

2: May 31, 2024 (0.7.972)Small storehouse changed to have three workplaces, with the large having six.

Burgage plots ##

Burgage plots provide living spaces and are one of the primary buildings in Manor Lords. Burgage plots use the flexible plots system and require two timber per building.
A burgage plot, when made sufficient, can then be equipped with an single extension. A variety of extensions exist that produce either food or resources. Certain extensions, such as the apple orchard and armorer's workshop, require the player to invest a development point (DP) before they can be built.

Burgage plots are a crucial part of gaining development points DP-s.

Use ##

Burgage plots are the only permanent source of housing in the game, with the standard house having one living space (at first). With a plot marking satisfied, able to upgrade to accommodate two fathers and mothers (families).
Each living space can hold one family, comprised of multiple people. They require two timber to place and are flexible.

flexible plots allows multiple housing plots to be placed at once and for different plot shapes to be created.

Each home requires resources which can be bought from a marketplace by a resident of the home, fulfilling resouce requirements ℹ️ for each home.

Level two3 Homes can hold armaments for the militiamen in the household, with two of each weapon and piece of armor being allowed to be stocked in the house at once.

Burgage plots are an integral part of the development points system (DPS), with them being required for point obtainment. Each settlement tier requires a certain amount of level one, two, and three burgage plots to advance.


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Allah Maha Besar sebesar - besarnya DDan puji-pujian bagi Allah sebanyak-banyak-nya Dna Maha Suci Allah siang dan malam TTiada Tuhan melainkan Allah saja sendiri tiiada sekutu bag-Nya yang memiliki kerajaan dan pujian Yang menghidupkan dan mematikan dan Dia Berkuasa atas segala sesuatuu Quick Start →

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 ﴾ 20:6 ﴿ To HIM belongs (Lahu) whatever (Maa) is in (Fii) the heavens (Es'Samaawaati) and whatever (Wamaa) is on earth (Fiil' Ar'di) and whatever (Wamaa) is between them (Bai'nahumaa) and whatever (Wamaa) is beneath (Tah'ta) the soil (Etthara).
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Wa subhannallahi bukratan wa ashilaa
La ilaaha ilallaahuu Wahdahuu ;laa syariika lah
Lahul mulku wa lahul hamdu Yuhyii wa yumiitu Wa huwa 'alaa kulli syai'in qadir

Allah Maha Besar sebesar - besarnya DDan puji-pujian bagi Allah sebanyak-banyak-nya Dna Maha Suci Allah siang dan malam TTiada Tuhan melainkan Allah saja sendiri tiiada sekutu bag-Nya yang memiliki kerajaan dan pujian Yang menghidupkan dan mematikan dan Dia Berkuasa atas segala sesuatuu Du'a →


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