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Basics are, there five waktu shalat in a day

Basics are, there five waktu shalat in a day

Here are some Unix file basics.

[Note] Note

While you can use almost any letters or symbols in a file name, in practice it is a bad idea to do so. It is better to avoid any characters that often have special meanings on the command line, including spaces, tabs, newlines, and other special characters: { } ( ) [ ] ' ` " \ / > < | ; ! # & ^ * % @ $ . If you want to separate words in a name, good choices are the period, hyphen, and underscore. You could also capitalize each word, "LikeThis". Experienced Linux users tend to avoid spaces in filenames.

[Note] Note

The word "root" can mean either "root user" or "root directory". The context of their usage should make it clear.

[Note] Note

The word path is used not only for fully-qualified filename as above but also for the command search path. The intended meaning is usually clear from the context.

The detailed best practices for the file hierarchy are described in the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard ("/usr/share/doc/debian-policy/fhs/fhs-2.3.txt.gz" and hier(7)). You should remember the following facts as the starter.

[Tip] Tip

Keep your backup system simple and backup your system often. Having backup data is more important than how technically good your backup method is.

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