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so we start in the name of God the Almighty and the Merciful
praise belongs to the Most High God praise belongs to the one true God who created the Heavens & the earth in six days and took his place upon the throne
praise and honor and glory goes to you and you alone my lord and my God who created the Heavens & the earth praise goes to you and you alone and you share no partnership in the creation or the dominion of the Heavens & the earth or the sustaining of it you do it alone, my God with your soul discretion and your Will
you conduct all matters according to your plans and your wills and you answer to no one but the whole of creation, answers to you my Lord and my God whom i love and i worship ,and i live my life to serve the one God, the Most High, the greatest the only One worthy of worship my God and my Lord i ask that you guide me and you lead me in my mission. everything that i do in my life, my God i do it to honor you and i do it with your law and with your approval or disapproval... in my mind my God my living life is to serve you That is my sole purpose and duty my mission is towards You everything else that i do it relation to that mission insofar as it relates to that mission That has importance to me, everything that i do in my life, i just ask you my God that you guide me and you keep me strong keep my feet firm as i move forward in your mission God right now my Lord i want to take this time thank you i thank you my Lord for the beautiful sun and the beautiful moon right now you've made it a beautiful day where i am whether it's cold whether it's hot whether it's rainy whether it's snowy whether it's sunny whatever it is God all these things are blessings and You conduct the whole of creation according to your Will my Lord and God i also ask you that you forgive me in my sins any shortcomings any errors any wrong things that i've done any time i fell short of Your standard or of your law i know You hold man to a high standard You've created us so much goodness and so much placed on our shoulders because You made the the whole of the angels submit to us God according to your Will you made the angels submit to us and we know how ? How highly you speak of the angels God in fact that you made them submit to our great father Adam we we bear that legacy as mankind and i just ask you my God that you now will not allow me to be crushed by that weight of that legacy that's on my shoulders but you allow me to bear it out being a son of Adam being of Adam's progeny You made the whole of creation subservient to us the sun and the moon this beautiful beautiful system You made it useful for us God not necessarily the squirrels not necessarily the bats not necessarily the wolves but You made it primarily for us God and you made us inheritors and successors of the earth and that is a great great great inheritance indeed and i just ask You my God that You not allow me to fail in my mission and You allow me to complete the mission that you put into my heart steadfastness forgive us of our sins and guide the believers God we know right now at this time all the believers the true believers the righteous ones who follow upon Your tremendous tradition we understand that this world is wicked it's disgusting this world seeks to destroy the believers the world seeks to separate us destroy our families it seeks to separate us from the Remembrance of You it seeks to make us atheistic and nihilistic in vain and we just ask God that you keep us firm and strong keep us firm and strong and keep the Remembrance of You and the beautiful praises of you constantly in our mouths and constantly within our hearts and you just keep us strong my Lord keep us strong and do not let the system overcome us my Lord and my God i praise you and my living life until my death is to serve You and You alone you and you alone i shun the idols i abhor the abomination of idols i abhor the worshipping of jesus i have a the worshipping of nature the worshipping of government i abhor the worshipping of money and status and wealth and houses and all these things that man thinks will protect him i abhor that i worship you and you alone the one God
who can never ever be captured in any image the one true God of all mankind God count me as a submitter count me as a believer and accept my prayer here this day accept my prayer i know that you heard it i just ask that you
accepted God and you justify me and you make me right before you when you save me and you save my family you save my wife justify us before You and do not throw us into fire because that is the enduring and humiliating punishment God save us from the touch of the fire and the minister to the garden admit us unto the highest place in the garden and have mercy upon us and forgive us of all of our wrongdoings praise & honor and glory goes to you the one true God who created the Heavens & the earth in six days and took his place upon the throne and rules with all Majesty and all authority and all Wisdom praise goes to you my Lord and my God Amen